Our Mission

It is our admiration and respect for the indigenous people of North America that first led us to create Wild Pony Trading Co.  In an effort to preserve, respect and promote the cultures, artwork, and legacy that is the American Southwest, WPTCo. strives to bring you the very best in wearable art, and other fine works from some of the most highly sought after and collected  artisans and craftsmen.

We firmly believe that WPTCo. is not merely just another jewelry/retail business.  We know that there are many avenues to obtain these fine works of art.  What sets WPTCo. apart from the crowd is the firm belief that it is more than a business.  It is about building lasting and meaningful relationships with not only our clients, but the artisans that we are lucky enough to work with and call our friends.  We strive to treat each artisan with the dignity and respect that they so deserve.  Many are carrying on a tradition that has been passed down through many generations.  With each client, we strive to build a lasting relationship built on trust and integrity.