The WPTCo. Story

Owner of WPTCo., Theresa Jones   

Howdy y'all!

As far back as I can remember as a young child, on long drives between California and visiting family back in Texas, we would stop along the highway at various trading posts (keep in mind this was early 1970s) and I became fascinated with the people and cultures of the American Southwest. At the same time, I discovered a love of horses and rodeo. I remember sitting at the Ventura County fair watching the ladies in flashy western wear and their beautiful horses running around the barrels and I looked at my parents and told them I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. Life, as so often is the case, had different plans. 

When my father retired out of the Navy after 23 years of service, he moved us back to Texas where he and my mother had first met. It was there that I sweet-talked my dad in to my first pony. She was a beautiful and headstrong Welsh Cobb named Dandy. I was in love. She was the first of many horses that would come into my life as my riding abilities grew and the need for faster, bigger, and more advanced horses were needed. I continued to ride and compete in rodeos throughout Texas until I hit my twenties. College and life then took me in a very different direction than I had originally planned so many years ago. 

The one thing that remained a constant was my love affair with the American Southwest and horses. It would be many years before I was able to bring the two back around and into my life.  After moving back to my hometown of Buda, TX and creating a successful fine art gallery with a high school friend. It was there that I began curating a collection of Native American treasures as part of the gallery collection. In early 2020, my father (now widowed and into his late 80s) and I decided to pack up and make the move to western New Mexico. I dove head first into creating a new venture that would become WPTCo. I already knew many of the great artist that I’m lucky enough to work with and started forging new friendships and building a collection of truly great works of wearable art.  Sadly, my father passed in September of 2020 from a terminal lung condition. He would never get to see the business grow and the horses that would become a part of the Wild Pony family.

One of the goals of Wild Pony Trading Co. is to give back to the community and people that have helped us and inspired us along the way. Each quarter we will chose a charity to give back to. A portion of each and every sale will be set aside to help sustain the remaining herds of horses left in the wilds of the American Southwest.  Another very important group is Adopt A Native Elder. The culture and the history of the Indigenous people of the Southwest is deeply rooted in the preservation of their past and traditions. Without the help of this non profit, many of the elderly go without many needed supplies and support. It is very important to us at WPTCo. to help in any way possible and to take care of these elders that have forged a path for the rest of us to follow. We, at WPTCo. have been blessed beyond measure. It is with honor and gratitude that we look to be a blessing to others to help carry on traditions for a culture we hold so dear.

There is so much in store for WPTCo. and the plans for the future are certainly exciting. Jewelry is certainly the basis (and has also been a lifelong love of mine. I mean, who doesn’t love jewelry?) of the business but we will continue to bring you new and exciting treasures and works from some of the best artisans in the business.

...And the family grew!

                            Mr. & Mrs. Ernest "Bo" Reeder                                             

On December 11, 2021 the WPTCo. family grew! Ernest "Bo" Reeder and Theresa were married in a small chapel in Las Vegas, NV during the National Finals Rodeo surrounded by family! We couldn't think of a better way or place to celebrate our marriage and love for each other.  Both of us have spent our lives in and around the rodeo and western community! It was perfect!